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Trump: Sino US trade war will be started by Sohu – News: the United States presidential election since the start, the vast majority of mainstream media polls on the list, Hilary occupies a leading edge. Decisive moment, Trump "counterattack". What impact will this bring to China US relations? China and how to deal with? We invited seven scholars gathered round, talked about the Sino US relations will be how to change. The situation in Northeast Asia will and Wu Xinbo: now, Trump in the diplomatic security policy ideas is not very obvious, he may eventually return to the Republican policy route. Republicans are generally divided into economic and strategic groups. The economist is interested in the business interests, on behalf of Wall Street, which is of great interest to TPP. Strategy on behalf of the military industry, focusing on U.S. military investment, may be more interested in the deployment of policies such as sade. Therefore, the final formation of Trump’s diplomatic security team candidates will become very important. Yao Yunzhu: if the foreign policy of the United States to Trump hand, no cliff style change, but it is not linear and continuity of the policy. In the Asia Pacific, the most likely to be observed is Trump’s military alliance policy. If Trump does not attach importance to the alliance as the previous government, the Asia Pacific security framework may change greatly. In this process will form a vacuum of power and strength, countries will adjust according to this situation. Da Wei: Trump came to power, will bring many new and complex problems, he will create a more confusion and uncertainty. On the issue of the Korean Peninsula, Trump’s basic idea is to reduce the involvement of the United States, with North Korea to achieve contact, so that South Korea more steward. The United States believes that Sade is a defensive weapon, if in accordance with this logic, does not rule out the possibility of continuing the deployment of sade. Trump will create a mess, the mess of China is good and bad. TPP may be blocked, the U.S. – Japan alliance may weaken, to provide us with the opportunity. The United States bilateral alliance is the product of the cold war, does not conform to the trend of the times, they are not bad. Only once the U.S. – Japan alliance becomes loose, Japan is likely to take the road of armed. Jin Canrong: on the North Korean nuclear issue and Sade, Trump in the election of the position is not clear, so not a good judge. The Trump administration is likely to hand over the problem to the military in South Korea, because the Republican Party has always represented the interests of arms dealers, so it is not good news for china. In addition, take the Obama period on the Korean nuclear issue is a policy of "strategic patience", as Obama Trump came to power after the not so negative. Instead, he may give more responsibility to China, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for china. Li Haidong: the United States on the issue of the United States, South Korea’s strong official policy may continue. For Trump, as long as it does not spend or spend less money is not a bad thing, as long as it can effectively solve the problems of the U.S. economy and employment is not a bad thing. Sade is closely linked to the U.S. defense industry, public employment and state interests. It is too early for Trump to take decisive action to withdraw from Sade相关的主题文章: