The 6 year old brother Jimmy Lin Walker Kimi hard laugh at you like sitting on the wrong – Entertain utc行家

The 6 year old brother Jimmy Lin Walker Kimi forced smile: you seem to be sitting on the wrong – Sohu Jimmy Lin entertainment entertainment Sohu Facebook screenshots   artist Jimmy Lin and his wife Chen Ruoyi have been married for 6 years, was born the eldest son of Kimi, by the end of 2015 ushered in the twins Jenson and Kyson, has now had 3 sons, family life his work is to accompany the child at home, he the face book to share the big son Kimi funny car photos, let netizen laugh. Jimmy Lin 22 evening, share a Kimi sitting on my brother Walker’s photos on Facebook, make him angry and funny to say: "naughty brother like you are on the wrong bus." In the photo, the 6 year old Kimi hard in their 1 year old brother walker, appears to have grown a lot of he is still slim, sit down after the walker seems to have a gap, attracted netizens message said "the key is, brother is packed in! Powerful oh!" After the photo PO, also attracted many fans to like, and praising Kimi’s really cute, but also from time to time, for he chimed in, said "people in the small time aftertaste", "brother wants to go back to childhood."   相关的主题文章: