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Michelle Ye: court summons issued a rebuke nanny will be sent to make unfounded countercharges — Sohu micro-blog   Sohu Michelle Ye entertainment; entertainment news recently, Michelle Ye and nanny much raise a Babel of criticism of the dispute. The nurse said she owed wages does not change, also lose the rent, Michelle Ye claimed the other theft. Today (November 6th), Michelle Ye issued a document called the rebuke nanny, stealing belongings, damaged goods, money over million, also hit a stray dog adoptions. Michelle Ye also drying out the photos of her nanny, to wait for the court summons. Michelle Ye micro-blog original text: remind those who love their homes, beware of black intermediary black nanny. Shanghai Changning District Yu Jiang Wang Liping home intermediary, Anhui nationality housekeeping staff Li Mingcui, stealing belongings, damaged goods, real estate has occupied more than 10000, the amount that had not been investigated, only to be dismissed. You have become aggravated, rumor, the police will make unfounded countercharges blackmail, which brought back to the police station several times repeated. You look at the Tian Muchen case, I have never been afraid of Pengcier, for the protection of the family will soon be more fearless, the court summons served on you. According to reflect their family and neighbors along with Lee in 7 days, the scantily clad, make-up, hit the House adopted a stray dog, do not like 52 year old housekeeper. Li Mingcui, you are crying to me intermediary accommodation is too bad, I ask whether we rented a property, I can say, you say you can stay a day later don’t pay rent, I can say, but you use compassion and kindness, the number of crimes and crime, attempted to blackmail, I will always care homes on behalf of people say: No.相关的主题文章: