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The National Day holiday in Shaanxi 46 million 730 thousand people Lanke popular personalized travel experience – Beijing, Beijing, October 7 Xi’an Xinhua (reporter A Linna) reporter on the evening of 7 from the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau, the National Day holiday, the province received a total of 46 million 736 thousand and 500 domestic and foreign tourists trips, tourism revenue 23 billion 180 million yuan, up 14.31% and 15.34% respectively. According to reports, by the CCTV Mid Autumn Festival hot effect driven, Datang Furong garden, Terracotta Army, Xi’an city wall and other well-known scenic tourist numbers climbed steadily. During the holiday, Datang Furong Park tourists 197 thousand passengers. In addition, the era of mass tourism, tourism demand for tourists showed a diversified development, leisure and other personalized travel experience increasingly sought after. Shaanxi Jinqiu Tourism Festival launched the "2016 Shaanxi the most beautiful autumn", offers visitors a good place for travel by car. In addition, Huashan and other famous scenic spots?, Zibai mountain, Tianzhu Mountain, mountain and other scenic spots and universe Bay by tourists attention. In the province’s major scenic spots, were from Sichuan, Gansu and other neighboring provinces as well as Beijing, Jilin, Chongqing, Hunan, Shandong and other driving vehicles from afar. With the opening of Zheng Xu high-speed rail, the western region and the eastern part of the space and time is greatly shortened, opening up to the northeast of Shaanxi, East and southeast coastal high-speed rail tourism circle. Xi’an, Weinan, Baoji and other places to launch high-speed rail ticket to enjoy the travel concessions to further enhance the attractiveness of tourism in Shaanxi. It is understood that the Shaanxi province tourism supply side structural reform, to meet the tourists "eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment, tourism and culture, sports, aviation and other industries fusion fast development, become the highlight of the holiday tourism market. The National Day holiday, Shaanxi rural tourism booming, farming experience tour is popular. With the rapid development of rural tourism in Shaanxi Province, with Yuanjiacun, Qingmuchuan, Ma Weiyi as the representative of rural tourism destination in Shaanxi province and outside the well-known rising, the holiday lasts hot. During the holidays, Yuanjiacun tourists 1 million 55 thousand passengers; Ma Wei Yi 1 million 101 thousand tourists; Fu Tea Town tourists 1 million 382 thousand passengers. All around picking and farming experience planning a series of rural tourism routes, to attract a lot of tourists. (end)相关的主题文章: