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Wang Naigui: gold and silver for Sina News operation interval fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Market review of the last trading day, the market currencies oil market light trading, mainly is the lack of news data corresponding influential guidelines this week in heavy events — the Fed interest rate decision in September before investors cautious trading, including Europe and the United States on Monday period of stock market volatility is limited. Or affected by the terrorist attacks, the dollar yesterday in a narrow range of finishing slightly down, gold and silver prices temporarily stabilized, gold trading at 1309—-1318 District, the daily closing for a small silver Candle; the strong side of the shock, trading at 18.7—-19.3, the daily short rally and finally up; prices yesterday after the late white plate slightly open, closed flat, trading in the range of 44.1—-43.1, the daily closing a "inverted T" K. This transaction not many important data Nichia in Europe, late focus on the U.S. August housing starts. In addition, the Bank of Japan and the Fed today held a meeting on interest rates, the results will be in the next trading sunrise furnace, for tomorrow’s trend, how to exercise and the fundamentals of technology is particularly important, which relates to today’s trend and closing, so although the days trading range or limited but crucial. Today is yesterday’s closing morphological analysis of the gold film with a small candle, without breaking the low and short entity in the weekly, pressing the wire under saturated Yin is nearly on a small decline in the trend of transition, when the news released before the small shock understanding, and this shock rhythm cycle will not rule out the 1–2 trading day. The general idea of sharing the first empty or yesterday after the main resistance near 1320–1323, below the single support near 1305, strong support for 1290—-1285, according to the short-term operation rhythm may have to wait for the next trading day news power, the specific situation may share some more in the morning. The short term, in principle, is the recent decline trend along the small high altitude operation last week and homeopathy, saturated Yin significantly suppressed, but considering the strong side of the shock pattern of silver short-term, in a message released before the fall or limited space, so today’s gold in the operation of the main range, above 1320—1323 high resistance, more than a single short-term 1305–1304 low. Silver is stronger pattern all day yesterday, the daily is relatively higher, the average short-term began to turn on the hook, it is short of defensive performance, need to re build the platform before the completion of Budie fell the same way, gold is the current overall decline in the small transition period, silver also need to look more carefully. So the news released before the synchronous operation of the main range, resistance 19.3 (4130) —-19.5 (4170) near the 19 support (4070) –18.9 (4050) near. The crude oil is still a lack of bargain hunting opportunity, usually such as last week week K line, most will have a low breaking process, under much lower support concerns around 42.3—42, before every.相关的主题文章: