Expectant mothers to know how to avoid these common errors in the production of Sohu hit5杨帆

The expectant mother to know how to avoid these kinds of common check errors – Sohu maternal photo from the network in the area met my neighbor aunt, could not help but start nagging: some time ago her baby daughter was pregnant, but recently when doing four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, found that your baby has two points back to ventricular. It is uneasy, and then find a familiar doctor and do an ultrasound and determine the light does exist. The doctor reassured that this was the most common condition, and the echo was an ultrasound, not a cardiac malformation. But after seeing the results of the obstetrician said that this situation is indeed a lot of ventricular echo, the clinical results are different, some big fetus will automatically disappear, there will be the performance of congenital heart disease, there may be a problem of chromosome…… She and her daughter still do not trust, so did the fetus Doppler to look at the fetal heart problems. This time the inspection results finally got the doctor is answered in the affirmative, the light will be good. I listened to also followed a sigh of relief, such a result is really good ah. Why are you still depressed? Aunt followed with a sigh, said: "it is really not enough for the children of the heart, and now began to worry about the problem. Said pregnancy can not do so many B ultrasound, fetal baby is not good. But my daughter from the beginning up to now has been 29 weeks, and do a quick ten B -. You said you would not affect my grandson health?" Pictures from the network for pregnant women in terms of really is a very special period, a body is pregnant with a small life, mother and child nutrition and health, and a total of the feeling is really amazing. In pregnancy, the baby’s health is exactly how the mother is one of the most worried about the problem. But the birth of the baby in the womb, in addition to the movement can feel him of her presence, other exactly how the situation is the need of professional doctors according to their own experience and the detection instrument can know. Therefore, the production of pregnant women for each prospective mother is very important. However, in production there are many so-called conventional concepts is actually a misunderstanding, mothers must be scientific treatment, rather than blindly listen to the bias from affecting their health and Tai Baobao. [a misunderstanding: the pregnancy is not determined their doctor] now pharmacies to pregnancy test pregnancy test and put everyone seems to know a superb collection of beautiful things, as long as the "good friends" is not to directly buy a set back. If it is the two bar appears, it means that he was pregnant. When I was pregnant when Dabao too, now also own be negligent. Because of holiday special less, so go to the drugstore to buy motherwort particles like to make auxiliary, results change familiar joke suggested that the cashier or dipstick test? Also did not take a home, a test on the jump, actually appeared two lines. It was covered with confusion to the hospital running, early pregnancy bleeding is not a good sign. Registration, queuing, easy to see a doctor, readme condition said, early pregnancy bleeding, the doctor’s face a serious question.相关的主题文章: