Advance on board! Nanyang cup Sapphire Princess cruise home court station secret 月丘うさぎ

Advance on board! Nanyang cup Sapphire Princess cruise home court station secret friend, have you heard of the Nanyang Cup "Moving Castle" cruise station? As of KeyTV, jointly organized by the Shanghai China International Travel Service, VPGAME, SoulTV, PandaTV, micro TV whale sponsored carnival cruise cruise, Nanyang station for the first time will Cup games, entertainment and travel with cross-border shopping, designed for all the audience showing a unique sports event. Nanyang cup cruise station is not only the world’s first sports theme of the carnival cruise, is the first in the sea by satellite global broadcast cruise event. In October 13th, Sapphire Princess Cruise (hereinafter referred to as the princess) brought five days Thursday night trip on the sea for all upcoming "home generation". Cruise will be docked in Fukuoka, Japan and Jeju Island, Korea, and eventually returned to Shanghai in October 17th. However, the cruise trip for the vast majority of people is quite strange, including myself, but also not too cold on the cruise. Cruise fun? How to play the game in the gaming on a cruise ship? Is the cruise experience really good? With these questions, at the end of August, I follow the Nanyang cup cruise station production team boarded the princess cruise. Now please follow my footsteps, explore the mysterious castle"! Worry the high cost and enough high princess cruise, modeled on the British classical style decoration, like her name, details of each cruise reveals the noble and elegant princess. The entire cruise a total of 18 layers, from the elevator next to the guide map, the author saw the cigar bar, gym, Star Cinema, Princess theatre, about a total of nearly 20 leisure venues, facilities are very complete. As with luggage, the first time after the board first came to my cabin, going to take a little break and then explore. Like the hotel room card, everyone has a ship card, but the ship card is printed with his name, after the end of the trip can be collected as a souvenir. Open the door of the moment, they feel the princess of excellence service details. Cabin elegant chic, facilities everything. Comfortable and soft bed, but also put the princess guide, daily arrangements and matters needing attention and so on, attentive waiter also presented a chocolate and greeting cards, considerate service, can be comparable with five star hotel. Balcony room with sea view room has a unique advantage, do not have to step out of the two step will be able to enjoy the sea breeze blowing sea view. Spacious Mini Suite enough to meet the needs of three people, in addition to a more luxurious private balcony, as well as a luxurious bathroom with bath is also a bright spot. Cruise as a way of travel, the advantage is that it eliminates the time spent on transportation, you can enjoy while traveling. As the venue for the final of the tournament, the cruise has covered the travel modes of transport and accommodation. Not only cost-effective, but also save worry. Is the most convenient, only need a passport to board, even if you are white, can also go abroad to play. Imagine the end of the day, back to the new room is clean, or rest, or in the open room to watch TV, wake up, open the curtains can enjoy the exotic sun, and do not need to pack again,!相关的主题文章: