The new Odyssey special tasting landing in Shanghai helmet怎么读

The new Odyssey special tasting landing in Shanghai in October 23rd, the new Honda odyssey (ODYSSEY) special tasting landing in Shanghai. In the 200 season of an invigorating autumn climate, media reporters, Odyssey and the new Odyssey (ODYSSEY) together, together to enjoy it both intellectual charisma. As a "new Odyssey full share type MPV" (ODYSSEY), has been listed since 2014, by virtue of the comprehensive advantages of good fusion and technological innovation, has been favored by consumers, become MPV market leading models. Sales data show that the first three quarters of this year odyssey (ODYSSEY) cumulative sales of 338 million 750 thousand units, the beyond the strength of the product has won the recognition of consumers. The dinner together "temptation", marketing innovation grade odyssey (ODYSSEY) a very popular, in addition to the advantages of product strength, brings pleasant driving experience for consumers, and always adhere to the "innovative marketing grade" upgrade inseparable. Recently, the new Honda odyssey (ODYSSEY) in variety large coffee Ma Dong together to create a variety show — "dinner temptation" program by host Ma Dong, set up a "bureau", invited guests at dinner with a high IQ EQ language art showdown, by the hot pursuit of netizens, ratings climbing. As the new Odyssey official vehicles (ODYSSEY), the "high IQ" and "high EQ" product strength and "temptation" dinner program content glorified, fans of the show is extremely consistent demand quality, let the rich have handsome, go out before opening the port broadcast over the Odyssey "the whole network language suddenly, so that the majority of consumers are familiar with. On the day, Guangzhou Honda invited to dinner "temptation" production team members, "said" the wonderful verse queen Vivian and talented girl Qiu Chen Ma, to local consumers demand for ideas, we carefully orchestrated a have a unique style odyssey (ODYSSEY) Talkshow. In the event, Ma Weiwei and Qiu Chen dialogue, with sharp humor, and the new Odyssey (ODYSSEY) appearance, space, configuration of disdain selling products interspersed among them, lively and interesting, vivid display is different from the traditional cognition about the product, let us feel the charm of art language, but also on the the new Odyssey (ODYSSEY) strong product strength have a new cognition. Great tasting, the charm of the new Odyssey all new Honda odyssey (ODYSSEY) launched the extraordinary tasting, full of activities can be described as the highlight of the scene. In addition to open up a fresh outlook Talkshow products, we also feel close to the new Odyssey (ODYSSEY) high color value, high EQ and IQ charisma. High color value, very new charm into the new Odyssey (ODYSSEY), it is the first to attract our cutting-edge fashion appearance. The new Odyssey (ODYSSEY) with high impact "Solid Streamline.相关的主题文章: