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Trump is Moscow’s "beloved" Putin: nonsense original title: Trump is Moscow’s "beloved"? Putin refuted: nonsense! Putin attended the Vardai Conference [global network reporter] [] U.S. Democratic presidential candidate, said that the Russian government is the darling of the presidential election in the United States, said Mr., Mr. Guo Pengfei. Putin said it was completely nonsense, and that this is only a means of political struggle and public opinion in the United States only. The 27 day, Putin in the "Wahl" international conference that Russia is the first enemy of the United States is shaping the image, then announced that Trump was in Moscow, "the Reds’ complete nonsense, just before the election of American domestic political struggle and operation of public opinion tricks. Although denied the close relationship between Moscow and Trump, but the Republican presidential candidate, Mr Putin a little sure". Trump said, Mr. Putin some words and deeds seem strange, but it is not meaningless, he represents the tired of the rights of the elite has been controlled by the interests of the American people." The U.S. general election, Hilary and his campaign team will spearhead the Russian President, accusing the Russian government has authorized and help hackers invade the U.S. network, with the intention to affect this year’s presidential election. In this regard, Putin countered that this is the United States in the campaign to avoid solving practical problems with the hackers, "the United States has many really sharp and urgent problem, from huge debt to gun violence and arbitrary law enforcement police. During the campaign, it seems to be talking about these, or other unresolved issues. But it seems that the political elite has nothing to say. Therefore, the focus of attention to the so-called Russian hackers, spies and other people who are most easily." Putin finally reiterated that Russia is willing to cooperate with any one of the American people elected president. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: