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Chinese tourists in Jeju Island is "off": who tells Xiaoheiwu Tales – Sohu news last National Day golden week, hundreds of tourists in Jeju Island is South Korea Chinese Xiaoheiwu was exposed by the media. There are people in the narrow, sealing the dark room for a week. "In China has not done anything illegal, but in South Korea squatting ‘trumpet’." For this matter, the Chinese Consulate in Jeju Island explained: This is the behavior of other countries, they can have no reason or no reason to refuse you. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, South Korea refused to enter the situation every year, every year there are nearly 3 million people to Jeju Island, only a small part of the rejected. The focal character is linked to the part from the "black house" out of people, reducing exotic island experience. Mention that memory, they still feel strange, wronged and depressed nowhere reasoning.   was refused; October 5, 2016, Hunan Changsha yellow sensitive to Jeju Island, ready to play here for several days. About to meet a friend has been waiting for her in Jeju Island. Huang Min is free to travel, has booked a round-trip ticket and hotel in korea. According to South Korean law, Chinese mainland passport holders can apply for visa free access to Jeju Island, South Korea, stay for 30 days. Because before the South Korea, Jeju Island and the Chinese visa free, Huang Min did not have any concerns, but the accident was stopped by the customs. "Confusion" is her first experience, never encountered such a situation. And when she was brought into the interrogation room, she was really scared. The people in the interrogation room asked her what she was doing, and Huang Min replied, "travel shopping." And when asked to specific locations and travel preparations, Huang Min said: there are friends in the local, will take me to play, the specific location is not very clear." More than and 10 minutes later, Huang Min was refused entry, and then she was sent to a closed room. "After their trial, was forced to check my mobile phone content, and look at my luggage. They told me I was rejected because South Korea question I can’t answer." Huang Min feel very strange, but also to buy their own meals, hungry for a day, second days to eat rice. Period, Huang Min asked to leave several times, were rejected. Angrily, Huang Min bought a return ticket. Good hotel can not retreat, return tickets can not be returned, the loss of several thousand." Huang Min helpless way. According to the requirements of South Korea refused, has the following options: the free exercise of tourists can buy a return ticket to leave, or wait in the waiting room has to buy return tickets to japan. Many people still reluctant to spend more than two thousand or three thousand to buy a ticket, would rather wait. And with the group of tourists must wait until the day set back together with the regiment. Here, Huang Min saw nearly a hundred Chinese compatriots come and go, a lot of people have been shut and their own reasons, the purpose is not clear". Shut in with Huang Min Yang Sufen with the group of tourists in Jeju Island, ready to return to play for five days, October 9th. "Documents are complete, in China has not done anything illegal, but in South Korea squatting ‘trumpet’." Occasionally there will be some foreign faces were sent Chen相关的主题文章: