The white paper says more than 13 of Chinese people are not reunited with their families during the hit5杨帆

The white paper says more than 1/3 of the Chinese five year Mid Autumn Festival family reunion – not Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai (reporter Jiang Yu) in September 14, Ping An Life 14 released the first China "China family reunion quality white paper" said China family reunion quality is generally poor, more than 1/3 of the Chinese five years autumn yet family reunion, family reunion, generally less number of short time, low quality. It is reported that the investigation China family reunion quality of the invitation including the southern weekend, life magazine and other well-known media ten common online way to obtain the final questionnaire, more than 7 valid survey samples. The conclusion of the investigation is extracted from many sociological experts and media people. White paper shows that in China, about 250 million of the size of the floating population background, the respondents in the annual family reunion of not more than 3 times a year, 51% of the total annual family reunion of not more than 7 days of the year, the number of people in the survey of the total number of respondents. The annual Mid Autumn Festival can only be 22% with the family reunion, more than 1/3 of the respondents did not even have a family reunion in the mid autumn festival for the past five years. The quality of Chinese family reunion is generally not high. Nearly half of the respondents in the family reunion, in addition to eating the rest of the time is to play each of them; and 36% of respondents said there is no topic when you can talk about the reunion, get up, eat is the most common words. According to the white paper analysis, the main reason for the decrease in the frequency and duration of Chinese family reunion is based on the work of the population flow". From 1982 to 2015, China’s floating population increased from 6 million 570 thousand to 247 million, up by a factor of 37.5. People in the underdeveloped areas of the central and western regions of the Yangtze River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and other regions to seek development, generally only to the Spring Festival to go home to see their parents. (end)相关的主题文章: