Jing Haipeng first put on a special experimental suit for a research project configuration – Sohu Mi pp点点通2006

Jing Haipeng was the first to wear special clothes designed for experimental research project – Sohu military channel configuration text with map: October 26th is the eighth day of the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft into space combination, the Xinhua News Agency correspondent, astronaut Jing Haipeng for the first time to wear special clothing at home and abroad to experiment, children. Text with map: This is Jing Haipeng show on cardiovascular clothes specially configured for weight loss. Today is the Shenzhou eleven into the combination of the eighth day (October 26th), I am the Xinhua News Agency special correspondent Jing Haipeng space. Hello, everyone. Every day the work arrangement is very full, to the eyes closed on the night fell asleep, with an average of about 6 hours of sleep, rest well. The physical condition also feels very good, to complete the follow-up work, the task is full of confidence. Please rest assured. The day before yesterday to see the children from all sides of my blessing, especially to see the children at home and abroad after the blessing of the video, to see the wonderful picture of your painting, I was very moved. In fact, this is not only a blessing for me, but also the blessing of the Shenzhou eleven, but also on the country’s manned space development wishes. Thank you very much for your concern and blessing to me. I wish the global Chinese children healthy and happy, happy growth! We also hope that friends from the set a lofty goal, do a dare to dream, dare to dream, dream of the people. Grow up, their wisdom and wisdom to contribute to the construction and development of our country, we work together for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to make their greatest contribution. As you can see, many of the clothes we wear today have never been seen before. We have God wearing pressure suits, put most of the time in the heavenly palace is in the cabin the work clothes. Today, I’m wearing a dress designed for weight loss cardiovascular research. This dress is very special, it has a lot of sticky buckle can be opened, because we like to do with the ground, B, and there are a lot of ECG to connect, usually wear clothes is not very convenient, so it has several openings, and a zipper. For example, the amount of blood pressure is not easy, a pull on the OK. This is mainly the service, although it is not very bright, very bright, but very practical. Of course, we have other clothes, such as sports clothes, cycling, running. There are casual, casual now also didn’t show up to a certain time, you can see.相关的主题文章: