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Handan police arrested the suspect killed in Xingtai city have offered a reward of 50 thousand wanted – Beijing new network in Xingtai in October 29, (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiechui) Hebei Xingtai Public Security Bureau official micro-blog 28 23:29 on the release of the case informed that in October 24th, 17 PM, a vicious criminal cases occurred in Xingtai City Qiaoxi District Yongkang street. Traders Zhang holding a knife stabbed 3 urban management team, of which 1 people died after the rescue, the 1 were seriously injured, and 1 people were slightly injured. The police 4 days to chase, the suspect Zhang has been arrested. At present, the case is under further investigation. 16:50 on October 24th Xu, Xingtai city inspectors detachment three brigade captain Sohn led inspectors several people in Yongkang city and street patrol Xinggang Road intersection on the north side of the Xingtai Institute of technicians, clean Lane vendors. At 16:50 PM, when Sohn inspectors advised traders selling ice out of the lane Tomatoes on sticks Zhang, the two sides dispute language, Zhang suddenly from his cart picked up a knife, toward the sun and so on police officers stabbed him, causing Sohn, 3 officers were injured, the sun after the rescue died, 1 officers were seriously injured, 1 inspectors face was scratched. Zhang suspects fled the scene after the attack. 28, 2009, Xingtai police issued a reward notice, said the west side of Xingtai Bridge Street, a vicious criminal case. After investigation, Zhang confirmed a major crime suspects. The police found the man who want to timely alarm, can directly provide clues to the suspects directly or arrested suspects, seized and turned over to the public security organs, reward 50 thousand yuan. For the crime of harboring harboring suspects, to seriously pursue its legal responsibility. On the evening of 28, Xingtai police announced the case informed that, by the public security organs 4 days to hunt, now suspect Zhang (male, 30 years old) from Handan Qiuxian arrested, the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: