5 months pregnant woman was arrested family members fall reward for clues (video) mcncc

The woman who was 5 months pregnant wrestle families looking for clues making a reward of five thousand pregnant women five months being offered a reward of five thousand families fall back looking for clues to wrestle pregnant women?! How can this be done?! Pregnant woman husband Chen told Beijing (ID:bjhotline), his wife has been pregnant for five months, the day before yesterday after work to buy bread, I did not expect to see a man, was a woman fell to the ground. Moreover, in the case that he is pregnant, is still being thrown! After the alarm, Chen saw the scene surveillance video, trembling with anger. Video about 53 minutes or so, Mr. Chen’s wife was the woman fell to the ground in the embrace of the 1. Mr. Chen said, in the bread cabinet corner, the woman stepped in to grab the road, his wife, and with his elbow hit the wife’s stomach. His wife looked at her, the other asked: what do you see me? Mr. Chen said, "you hit me.". The woman said: "I hit you how? "Then Mr. Chen, his wife out of the bakery, but hit the woman and fellow man chase shop, and face to face with pregnant women questioned. Mr. Chen’s wife shows the identity of pregnant women, hit the woman said: how are you pregnant, and I have a relationship? Then throw away the mobile phone by Mr. Chen wife, holding her neck down. Mr. Chen said, his wife after the alarm, secretly took photographs of the two woman to see his wife, ferocious said: "still want to be?" Then, two people left! Up and down the three picture for Mr. Chen’s wife is a photo shoot in Beijing (ID:bjhotline) learned that Haidian police expressed the hope that there are informed people to provide clues. If the parties to see, but also hope that as soon as possible to her Wanshou Road police station with the investigation. The police investigation is also in progress. Pregnant woman! All women, no matter what happens, how can you do this!!相关的主题文章: