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SEO This article gives a brief description on 5 main ingredients required for Google optimization of your website to improvise its search rankings. Gaining the Google’s trust is need of the hour for all websites. If you own a website and wants to get listed on popular search engines like Google and msn, it is especially to follow their criteria of search rankings. Only then you would be eligible to avail best ranks as well as get promoted through these search engines. Majority of your potential customers rely entirely on these search engines to gather majority of information on various aspects. Google optimization can be derived if you optimize your website using 5 ingredients mentioned below: Keywords- Majority of searches is based on keywords. If right key term is selected by you, there are high chances that you get listed on top search results for it. Ensure that the keyword selection made by you is not repeatable and .mon. Google promotes only those keywords which are un.mon and highly searched by users. You need to pick up a specific setoff keywords for relevant content so that Google recognizes it as genuine and promotes it through search results. Inbound links- This is the next very important ingredient for Google optimization. Google analyzes a very wide database of websites. Hence, it is a .plicated task for it to list out the 10 top search results. If you want to be.e first page contestant, gaining higher amount of inbound links is very important. Higher importance is being given to the website which has many links .ing to it. Hence, getting in.ing links to your site from others can help you in gaining better online visibility. Trustrank-Building up a trust rank is also an important part of Google optimization process. Trust rank is built when there are higher numbers of links .ing to your website through trusted sites. If you have higher links .ing to your website through authentic sites, you could avail better page ranks as well. Meta page title- Meta page title is another important factor utilized by Google to deliver best results. This helps in providing a short description of what is your website all about and services offered by it. Google pays a special attention to such titles. URL- URL is also known as uniform resource locator. It refers to the domain name or the web address on any particular website. It is essential that you choose an easy to remember domain name so that the user can switch back to your website easily. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: