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Cruising-Sailing There are some parts of the world that offer good bird watching cruises , and then there’s Antarctica, which is quite simply a cut – or perhaps that should be ‘beak’ – above. For those wishing to truly ‘spread their wings’ (sorry) on the ultimate bird-spotting break, there can be no better option than one of our own well-priced packages here at Antarctica Bound. Here are just five of the endless range of birds to get acquainted with on your next visit to this incredible natural frontier. 1. Penguins You know you’re in Antarctica when you spot a penguin, which is unquestionably the most .mon type of bird here. That said, you’re unlikely to spot just one, given the colonies in which they live with populations exceeding those of some human cities. 17 different species of penguin wait to be discovered on one of our bird watching cruises in Antarctica, including the native emperor and Adlie. 2. Albatrosses No more iconic a bird is there to be found in Antarctica than the albatross, which with its 8-12kg body mass and three-metre wing span, is also the largest seabird in the region. Albatrosses are extremely long-lived, lasting for more than 60 years in some cases, which is just as well, given their sluggish reproductive rates .parative to other birds – some species only breeding every second year. 3. Petrels Distinguished by their dense plumage, deeply grooved and hooked bills and webbed feet, petrels are also known for their skittering, skimming-type flight. They can often be found breeding in dense colonies on cliffs and steep rocky slopes. 4. Giant petrels As their name suggests, these birds are the largest of the petrel family. They forage on land and sea, killing other birds – even those as large as King penguins – and eating fish, squid and crustaceans. 5. Antarctic petrels These birds are fun to spot, on account of their boldly marked dark brown and white shades. With a diet of fish, krill and small squid, these birds are largely found in the Ross Sea region. Are you eager to experience these and the many other fascinating breeds of bird that call Antarctica home? In that case, there’s only one thing that you need to do – enquire to Antarctica Bound today about our remarkable bird watching cruises. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: