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4 tour pal trespass Nature Reserve in distress rescued after each fined 2000 yuan – Sohu news xinhuanet.com Nanning on August 30th news from Guangxi, Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County News intruded into the 4 "tour pal" Nature Reserve, trapped in the cliff after the rescue, is punishable by a fine of 2000 yuan per capita local natural area management Bureau protection. The tourism industry calls for: "tour pal" choose hiking, we should fully grasp the local destination, tourism should not be at risk. On August 29th, from Nanning Lin, Huang Mouxia, Luo Tao, Lu strong per person out of 2000 yuan penalty area Management Bureau of Jinxiu Dayao Mountain Nature reserve. The reason is not allowed to break into the Dayao Mountain National Nature reserve. In August 27th, the 4 "tour pal" to see the sunrise, without selection into the Dayao Mountain Nature Reserve, and get lost in the mountain temple stone slope area. "Tour pal" dial 110 alarm, the local police and district administration organization for the protection of more than 70 people in the rescue team to rescue. Until 10:50 that evening found two men and two women in distress, 28 am 6, search and rescue personnel to help them return to Jinxiu county. Jinxiu County, local police said: since the summer of this year, Jinxiu county has more than play "tour pal" to Dayaoshan exploration trapped events, the local government for rescue and spend a lot of manpower and resources. Visitors are advised to play in the safety of the scenic area, do not rush into nature reserves. Guangxi International Travel Guide Zhang Jianlin said: "the" tour pal to organize travel, "the route planning and implementation, the relevant provisions should comply with the National Nature Reserve, some" tour pal "figure new, risky choice route, often there is a big security risk, it will not only bring huge danger to themselves it will bring great pressure to the local police and relevant departments."相关的主题文章: