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35 VR enterprise 110 games VR: TGS 9 VR equipment evaluation people.com.cn game original title: 35 VR enterprise 110 games VR: TGS 9 VR equipment TGS ushered in the 20 anniversary of the exhibition in September 2016, in order to "change" as the theme of the new nuclear TGS2016, VR played an important role. The exhibition a total of 35 VR companies and 110 VR games exhibitors, the major manufacturers in the PC, the host and the mobile terminal brings a variety of features VR products. PC and host VR products in the field, HTC and SONY continue to maintain the style of the two giants. In the VR product based 9-11 Pavilion, HTCvive and PlayStation VR are well deserved star products. HTC vive: the high threshold of freedom under the immersion experience highlights: high degree of immersion, high degree of freedom slot points: high threshold, high consumption of HTC vive with 32 head mounted device sensors, 110° field, with gyroscope, laser positioning sensor, to achieve a high degree of immersion. The position of the two track "base station" can provide a virtual world about 15 feet of the VR experience, greatly enhance the degree of freedom of the game player. The somatosensory conduction handle and 2160× 1200 resolution screen is an effective solution to the "motion sickness" phenomenon. On the other hand, vive is a high threshold, high consumption of VR products. I want to fully immersive pleasure experience HTCvive, users in an $799 sale price at the same time, it is necessary to have at least a sufficient size of the game space and GPU not less than Nvidia GTX970 AMD R9 PC 290 configuration equipment. PlayStation VR: the price of resources with the PS4 highlights: rich content resources, high cost, many people share the function of slot points: multiple "motion sickness" PSVR with a 1920X1080 resolution on the hardware display, six axis motion sensing system (three axis gyroscopes, three axis accelerometer) and 9 block LED screen. Its central processor can achieve 3D audio processing, social screen (mirror mode, separation mode), video mode and other functions. Although the screen resolution and delay problems, PS VR in the treatment of motion sickness problems is not perfect. However, the price of $399 and a relatively low threshold of the configuration of the formation of a large market competitiveness. Different from HTC, SONY in the development of VR products has always maintained a high degree of concern for family entertainment. In addition to the regular VR game experience, PS VR can be 2.5 meters in front of the user’s position to simulate a large screen of about 225 inches, used to play PS4 games or watch movies. In addition, in terms of sharing, PSVR users can achieve multiple links through PS4, and other TV screen to see the game partner. In addition, a large number of VR games also相关的主题文章: