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34 billion 600 million: 20 shares of the main funds funds for key attack 8 shares (list) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament Sina Financial News August 30th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city all day long weak shocks, Pan Wei pulled two barrels of oil, hot pre callback. Statistics show that the turnover of the two cities in the top 20 stocks were over $1 billion 200 million. Among them, the turnover of more than 2 billion 800 million top Guangxi radio. The other top ten are: CITIC Guoan, China film, the aircraft movement control, Xuguang shares, Vanke A shares the same side, happy blue ocean, Dongxu optoelectronics, Huangshanghuang, Langfang. According to statistics, TOP20 shares total turnover of over 34 billion 600 million, more than two, the total turnover of 12%; according to sina finance leve2 cash flow chart shows that in the 20 stocks in the 12 stocks showed the main outflow of capital, the main outflow of funds over 600 million Xuguang shares, shares the same side outflow of over 500 million, Dongxu photoelectric outflow over 200 million, CITIC Guoan, Chinese film, sudawei outflow of over 100 million. In addition, there are 8 stocks showed a net inflow of funds in the main state, where the main net inflow of funds in Guangxi, more than 600 million of the blue, blue ocean blue ocean inflow of over 500 million, the aviation dynamic control flow over 200 million. The query and understanding of the hands of the stocks of capital flows, monitor trends in the main funds, may be concerned about the Sina level2 daily (as low as 0.82 yuan, you can enjoy Sina A Level2 stock market, real time reveals the main trends in funding to help you tazhun rhythm in the transaction. Click to view details). Please see the table below specific data: August 30th two city turnover ranking TOP20 code name price (%) price (yuan) turnover (million) the main flow of funds accounted for the main sh600936 Guangxi radio -0.61 17.81 24.37% sz000839 -0.25 687 million yuan CITIC Guoan 12.15 yuan -1.73 -6.34 -1.35% sh600977 -1.1 34.27 yuan aviation Chinese movie -4.64% sz000738 14.06% sh600353 30.33 control 7.74 298 million yuan Xuguang shares 12.01 -6.09 billion -7.04 -28.88% sz000002 -4889.36 -2.36% 22.66 Vanke A-1.09 million sh600100 shares the same side -3.38 14.86 -5.67 -32.90% sz300528 billion yuan 31.98% 541 million 41.45 4.09 happy blue ocean sz000413 Dongxu photoelectric -1.64 13.8 -2.75 -16.27% sz002695 5.01 -9038.56 Huangshanghuang billion yuan -5.45% sh600149 development in Langfang -1.43 on the 29相关的主题文章: