12 departments to introduce policies to improve social workers’ remuneration lata-01

The 12 departments issued policies to improve the social worker salary – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 2 (reporter Cui Jing) 2 reporter learned from the Ministry of civil affairs, Ministry of civil affairs, the central comprehensive management office, the Ministry of education and other 12 departments jointly issued a document on the front, put forward a series of policies and measures to strengthen the social work professional development and talent incentive guarantee and to solve the social work professional service jobs is not clear is not standardized, occupation development space is not smooth, low salary level, occupation status is not the bottleneck problem. The opinions on strengthening the development of social work professional positions and personnel incentives to ensure that the social work professionals to determine the reasonable remuneration. According to the economic and social development and the overall level of wages, the development and timely adjustment of urban and rural communities, social organizations and enterprises of social work professionals pay guidance standards. The high-level talents of professional social work into urgently needed and focus on the introduction of talent, enjoy preferential policies related to household registration landing, low-income housing application in accordance with the provisions in the selection of the declaration; enjoy special government allowances should be considered eligible for outstanding social work professionals. The promotion space for the talent flow of professional social work occupation, the "opinions" required to establish a sound professional rank system of social work, social workers achieved national occupation qualification certificate personnel through the examination, the employer can according to the needs of work, employment (ren) corresponding to the level of professional and technical positions, channel policy to further open up the professional post evaluation system of social rank system workers occupation level and institutions connected. In addition, the opinions proposed to increase social awareness, recognition and encouragement, selection and use of work, concerned about the development of social work professionals in difficult areas. To record (employ) the work of social work professionals in the hard work area, under the same conditions in the promotion of promotion, professional and technical positions to employ (ren) priority to be considered. For two years of hard work in the region to apply for social work professional master’s degree, doctoral students of social work professionals, the same conditions of priority admission. For those who are willing to work hard for a long time in the hard work of social work professionals, the local government departments to assist in the settlement of their housing, children’s education, employment and other matters in accordance with the relevant policies.相关的主题文章: